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Pre-registration Events: Milestone, Zhuge Liang Lucky Spin, and more!

Zhuge Liang Lucky Spin

Duration: 11 July 2022 to 7 August 2022.

Description: Event players who will play the Lucky Spin will get an instant random prize via the built-in electronic raffle system. Prizes range from awesome in-game items through “Word Gift Codes” to “Real-life surPRIZES” like Gcash credit or a brand new gaming phone. Test your luck and try to nab warrior-worthy loots!

Who can join: Anyone who pre-registered at this landing page can join 

How to join: 

  • Step 1: Log in to your account.

  • Step 2: Register and fill in the required information.

  • Step 3: Do missions to get Lucky Spin.

  • Step 4: Spin the Lucky Spin to win exciting prizes

Grand Prize: Real-life prizes abound in this event.

  • 1 Lucky Winner of ASUS ROG 5

  • 4 Winners of 10,000 Gcash credits



Asus ROG 5

GCash Wallet 10,000 credits

Word Gift Code: Exchange the Dynasty Warriors Key Words for awesome item codes. Gift codes redeemed will be stored in your spin history until the game is live and you can claim your in-game loot once the game is up.

Character Exchange


1 “Dynasty”

Green Bamboo Wine *10 

Sobriety Soup *2

Silver Coin*20,000

1 “Warriors”

Mount Skill Material *10

Mount Reroll Material *10

Silver Coin *20,000

1 “Overlords”

Rock Carbon *10

Forging Stone *10

Silver Coin *20,000

1 "Dynasty" + 1 "Warriors" 

Lv1. Protective Carbon Powder *5

Ou Yezi’s Blessing *5

Silver Coin *100,000

1 "Dynasty" + 1 "Warriors" + 1 "Overlords"

10x Summon Order *1

EXP Combat Soul *5,000

Gold Coin *808

How to Get Lucky Spin: Want spins? Here’s how.


Lucky Spin


2 times (during the event)

Share the event page

1 time per day (maximum 3 times)

Invite friends

1 time/friend (maximum 10 times during the event)


  • Grand Prize Winners Redemption and Awarding

    • Within 72 hours after the event ends, VNG will announce the grand prize winners on the Fan Page and Home Page.

    • - Grand Prize Winners will be informed to update their prize delivery information which includes: Full name, address, telephone number, email and identity card number (if required)

    • - After receiving complete information, VNG will process prize delivery 30 days after the winner's information is confirmed.

    • + For GCash Wallet Credit winners: VNG will send the credits to the registered winner's mobile number

    • + For Asus ROG Phone 5 winner: Prize will be sent to the winner's address according to the shipping information provided by the winner. All costs in the process of sending gifts will be borne by VNG. 

      • VNG will only send prizes to winners who provide a clear, correct, and located address in the Philippines.

      • If the product that matches the announcement cannot be purchased, VNG will replace the prize with another product with the same price value.

  • Disqualification and Winning Validity

    • Use of bugs, cheats and third-party software to interfere with the program is strictly prohibited. VNG will cancel participation as well as prizes if your account is proven to be in violation.

    • VNG's decision is final.

Pre-Registration Gift – Win exciting prizes

Duration: 11 July 2022 to 7 August 2022.

Description: During the event, players can access the event page, select Register Now, then fill in the required information (email, phone number) to complete registration.

Who can join and win: Just pre-register at this landing page to join and WIN!


(1) Zhuge Liang Lucky Spin

(1) Gift Code (1 Recruit Order, Random Uncommon Combat Soul, 188 Gold Ingots)

Awarding: The gift code will be sent to the registered email when the game is officially released and make a character before you redeem this item code from the item code redemption page.

To get more special prizes, please visit the Dynasty Warriors: Overlords page via the App Store and Google Play then press the “Pre-Download” button.

Pre-Registration Milestone Rewards – Receive server-wide rewards

Mechanics: Every time a Pre-Registration milestone is reached, everyone who pre-registered will get the unlocked milestone reward. Come on and unlock all the rewards by inviting your friends to sign-up! 

Registration Milestones:




Milestone 50.000



Milestone 100.000

Green Bamboo Wine


Milestone 300.000

Combat Soul EXP


Milestone 500.000

Forging Stone


Milestone 1.000.000

Random Elite Combat Soul


Milestone 2.000.000

Title "Dynasty Warriors: Overlords"


Awarding: Milestone achievement rewards will be sent via the in-game message box when the game is officially released.