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Welcome, My Lords,


To welcome the Lords on their journey into the world of Dynasty Warriors: Overlords – Dominate with Unstoppable Action, new servers will be opened to introduce the Lords to join the new experience.


Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is the Three Kingdoms Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) licensed by Koei Tecmo and published by VNG for Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. Besides retaining the quintessence from previous versions, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords has been upgraded with many new and attractive features, promising to bring back exciting experiences when players can become the formidable generals of the Three Kingdoms, crushing thousands of enemy troops and dominate the battlefield.  


Top-up Instructions: https://dw.vnggames.com/ph/news/guide/top-up-guide.html

Summary of instructions for newbies:

Instructions for entering CODE:



For the Lords to have the best experience, device configuration is extremely important. Game pack size with recommended OS version for both IOS and Android:



For the Lords who want to play with emulators, you can download the APK version: HERE