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Secure your Play Now Account

In addition to using a Zing ID or Apple ID account, players can also use the Play now (Guest) to join Dynasty Warriors: Overlords. The following important information is attached below: 

Play Now account data will be saved directly on the player's device. Therefore, if you do not conduct an account protection link when deleting data on your device or updating a new game version, it is likely that you will lose all of your Play Now account data.  

More importantly, since the data is stored on the device, any device that has previously logged into a player's Play Now account can continue to log in again without having to verify the email or re-enter a password. Therefore, players need to be careful when logging into their Play Now account on devices not owned by them. 

Players refer to how to secure their Play Now account and how to log in to their Play Now account on another device as following steps: 


Protect your playing now account: 


Step 1: In the next playtime, log back in with the Play Now channel, the system will display a suggestion to link the account. Please enter your email and password to log in later. 

Step 2: Enter your Email and password to log in later (the password is the password of the playing account now, not the password of the email). 

Step 3: Click OK to finish. Thus, the player account has been protected. This account data will not be lost when playing on another device or accidentally deleting the game. 


Sign in to your account Play now on another device: 


Step 1: At the login screen, select Support. 

Step 2: Then select Restore playing account now. 

Step 3: Enter the email and password registered above. 

Thus, the player's Play Now account can be used on the new device.