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Newbie Guide - Day 7


Time sure flies! It’s been 6 days since you started your career as a fledgling, my lord. Today will be Wenji’s final piece of advice, read on to find out more about Cai Wenji’s 7th-day guide!

Only 1 day left to get the famous general "Guan Yu". A Recruit Ticket*10 will be the tier before getting him! Try your luck, you might obtain some really good generals~


On the 6th day, My Lord will reach the highest level of 79. Get the bonus reward. Ingots will become more of a necessity at this point, My Lord, so please do manage your resources wisely.


The Growth Fund will return. Receive a lot of Ingots when the specified level is reached!

A total refund of 24,800 gold can be received when players purchase Gold Seals via WEBPAY, you will be given 25% more Gold Seals via this option so do take advantage of it when you can!


The Rank Fund will refund My Lord 14,500 Ingots and a lot of Recruit Tickets*10.  


After the 8-day Military Affairs series ends, My Lord will receive another series of tasks, Wenji would like to reveal that the Military Affairs series will be divided into 4 phases. Each phase will have very valuable items waiting for My Lord~


My Lord, don’t forget, with only about 184 PHP when topping up at WEBPAY, My Lord will be able to invest a 30-day Salary valued at 109 Gold Seals in the game, players will immediately receive 300 Coupons (Normal) and 680 Coupons (Royal), and every day will receive a certain amount of Ingot when they purchase this!



Have you recruited the super support – General Diao Chan yet? Although she may only be SR, Diao Chan has the necessary skill set (team health buff) that is very suitable for PVE!

SR Diao Chan will appear in the first top-up gift for 44 Gold Seal equivalent to 99 PHP (when top-up via WEBPAY My Lord only costs about 76 PHP to get 44 Gold Seal)

Please note, that you must use Gold Seal to buy packages and coupon packages to be counted in the first deposit of 99 PHP!


On the 7th day of beginners, players will be able to access some new functions: The increased difficulty of Storm and a completely new version of PVE - Thunder is waiting for My Lord to discover.

At the end of the 7th day, Wenji wishes all lords to have a great experience with Dynasty Warriors: Overlords. If you encounter problems or difficulties during the experience, please contact directly with Fanpage or via the SUPPORT website for Wenji to assist and answer.

Admin Wenji.