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Newbie Guide - Day 6


After 5 days, which function has My Lord experienced?

Now let's see what newbies Day 6 will have.

The login gift on the 6th will be " Random Elite Combat Soul ", which is an item that helps to increase the fighting power and strength of your key general, please use it properly, Lord.

On the 6th, My Lord will reach the highest level of 75. Get the bonus reward. The ingot is a very necessary unit in this period, My Lord, please pay attention to saving~

The Growth Fund will return My Lord a lot of Ingots when the specified level is reached!

Total refund 24,800 gold. When My Lord buys Gold Seal via WEBPAY, you will be given 25% more Gold Seal, so you only need 360K [NK1] to buy a Salary package worth 449 Gold Seal!

Has My Lord promoted to "Governor" yet? Try to promote your position on 6th day to receive free SSR general Zhang Fei!

The Rank Fund will refund My Lord 14,500 Ingots and many Recruit Tickets*10.

If you work hard, My Lord will free SSR Ma Chao on the 6th day. This favorite and famous general is on par with Zhao Yun, My Lord~. Try to complete the Affairs to get this handsome general right away.

Invest in getting salary Normal and Royal, and every day will receive a certain amount of Ingot~

My Lord has owned the super supporter – Diao Chan General yet? Although she is only SR, Diao Chan has the necessary skill set (team health buff) that is very suitable for PVE instances and ladder!

SR Diao Chan will appear in the first top-up gift for at least 99 PHP or the 1.99$ in-app purchase which is equivalent to 45 Gold Seals. It would be best to top up via the webshop and get the 210 PHP Gold Seal pack (which also unlocks the free codes) now, you’ll get Diao Chan and free codes in one! Please note, that you must use Gold Seal to buy gift packages and coupon packages to be counted in the first deposit!

Wenji wishes My Lord to have a wonderful experience day. If there is a problem during the experience, please contact directly with Fanpage or via the SUPPORT website


Admin Wenji.