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Newbie Guide - Day 5


Wenji will continue bringing the Newbie Manual Day 5 to you.

Get a gift for logging in on the 5th. My Lord will receive the Elite Combat Soul Essence * 100, use it to level up Combat Soul for the most powerful general in your squad.


On the 5th day, My Lord will reach the highest level of 70. Try to reach the highest level to receive a level up gift including a lot of Ingots.


The Growth Fund will rebate My Lord a lot of ingots when the specified level is reached!

The total rebate is 24,800 ingots. When My Lord buys Gold Seal via WEBPAY, you will be given 25% more Gold Seal, so you only need 360K  to buy a Salary package worth 449 Gold Seal!


Please try to be promoted to the highest rank possible, when you increase your rank, you will receive many free resources such as ingots, recruit tickets*10. Especially when rising to Governor, My Lord will receive free SSR Zhang Fei!


The Rank Fund will rebate My Lord 14,500 ingots and a lot of those Recruit Tickets*10.


With only about 90k  when topping up at WEBPAY, My Lord  was able to invest for yourself a 30-day Salary valued at 109  Gold Seal in the game, after buying My Lord will immediately receive 300 Coupons (Normal/Regular ) and 680 Coupons (Royal), and every day will receive a certain amount of ingots~


A new PVE function will appear when My Lord reaches level 70 - Fighting Skill.

With this function, My Lord can find the General Shards that you are looking for to upgrade your Generals.


Guess which general is known as the First Advisor in the Three Kingdoms?

The trio of strategists will officially appear in the event when My Lord reaches level 70.

Quickly collect yourself a favorite Advisor.


Wenji wishes My Lord to have a wonderful experience day. If there is a problem during the experience, please contact directly via Fanpage or via SUPPORT website

Admin Wenji.