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Newbie Guide - Day 4


So, My Lord has spent 3 days as a beginner, come to Wenji’s day 4 Newbie Manuals.

The first thing is still to continue starting the new day by receiving a login reward, on the 4th day, you will receive 1 Recruit time*10. Let's start the day with your good fortune~


Skin Shop will be open for a limited time. My Lord, hurry up and buy free gift packs and limited gift packs


Try to complete all the tasks and features of the day to reach the highest-level limit and get free level-up gifts.

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Combined with the Growth fund, My Lord will receive a refund of 24,800 gold!

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Please try to increase to the highest rank as possible, then you will receive many free resources such as Ingots, recruit times/ticket*10. Especially when promoted to Governor, My Lord will receive free SSR Zhang Fei!  

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Rank Fund will refund My Lord 14,500 Ingots and a lot of those Recruit Tickets/Times*10.

It was revealed that when My Lord buys Gold Seal via webpay, you will receive an additional 25% of the deposit value. So My Lord only takes 360K to be able to buy this package!


My Lord, don't forget to receive your free gifts at the Daily Bonus, Weekly Bonus and the Monthly Bonus.

Have you invested in a 30-day Salary for yourself yet? This will be the basic investment package to help My Lord receive resources every day.

With only about 90k when top-up at WEBPAY, My Lord can invest in a 30-day Salary valued 109K in the game, very economical but still can receive gifts for 30 days~



Wenji wishes My Lord to have a very lucky day.

Admin Wenji.