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Newbie Guide- Day 2


At the beginning of the day, get *10 recruit tickets, My Lords, try your luck, the SSR generals are waiting for you, My Lord!

Try to invest in the Monthly Salary, you will receive a refund in the next 30 days, freely recruiting SSR generals!


Pay attention to receiving level-up gifts My Lord, a lot of Ingots are waiting!

Especially combined with the Growth Fund, recruit freely!


The Brotherhood function will open when My Lord reaches level 40. Find yourself 5 Brothers to connect with, anniversary gifts per milestones are very valuable.

My Lord, please don't be upset when others receive Zhao Yun! Let’s buy the Rank Fund package now to earn a lot of Ingots and Recruit Tickets x10. Good luck My Lord~

A Team PVE function has arrived! The Joint War will open when My Lord reaches level 41. Invite your friends and worship to form a team to earn a lot of strengthening materials~

It is revealed that the more complex the stage, the more and better the rewards. Quickly find yourself a solid refuge~

Wenji just revealed that much, My Lord, let's experience and discover the features for yourself. There are many new features and functions that will open today, and certainly will not disappoint My Lord.


Admin Wenji.