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Beginner's Guide

When starting the journey to explore Dynasty Warriors: Overlords – Dominate With Unstoppable Action, My Lords will be overwhelmed by the highly diverse and unique feature system. To be able to easily build your own playstyle, My Lords need to study through the beginner's guide with detailed information as follows:


  1. Instructions to top-up for Gold Seal

When joining in the game, joining in buying preferential gift packages will help My Lords have more interesting experiences with massive attractive rewards.

Top-up Guideline: https://dw.vnggames.com/ph/news/guide/top-up-guide.html

  1. Instructions for entering the code

Players can participate in a series of attractive events on the Home page and Fanpage to receive gift codes containing many attractive items.

Instructions for entering the code: https://dw.vnggames.com/ph/news/guide/code-redemption-guide.html

PART 2: DISCOVER Dynasty Warriors: Overlords

A series of unique features only available at Dynasty Warriors: Overlords:

Rank System: https://dw.vnggames.com/ph/news/feature/rank-system.html

Weapons and Forging: https://dw.vnggames.com/ph/news/feature/weapon-and-forging.html

Government Affair: https://dw.vnggames.com/ph/news/feature/govern-affair.html

PVE Activities: https://dw.vnggames.com/ph/news/feature/pve-activities.html