After opening the game, My Lord will see an introductory video clip. Feel free to watch it or hold down the screen for about 5 seconds to skip the video.


After logging in for the first time, My Lord will see a scene trailer.

*You can also skip this by pressing the screen for about 5s.


Next step, My Lord will enter the beginner's tutorial phase, if you are already familiar with the gameplay, skip the beginner stage in the following way:


Click on the “Pause” icon on the right corner of the screen (next to the map).


Click “Confirm” to skip the Beginner stage


My Lord, let's start the first steps to uncover the storyline.

After going through the beginner stage and reaching level 14. My Lord can get 50 recruits at the "Event" interface, the "Online Reward" section.


Be online for 100 minutes to get all 50 recruits. Wish My Lords will get your favorite SSR generals!



Important note: The 50 free recruit times only appear in the Online Rewards on the first day of server opening, and end at 6:00 am (GMT +8) the next day, please pay attention to receive it!

Some suggestions of  Wenji on the first day of the 7-day Newbie Manuals are as follows:

Focus on recruiting generals.

My Lord should have at least 3 basic generals of each country to be able to easily experience. In addition to using free spin tickets, you can use gold to recruit.


Level up to get more gold and empowering items


SR-Diao Chan Package

My Lord only needs to top up 44K  (pls help to adjust the corresponding amount in your country) to immediately bring SR-Diao Chan to your squad.


When reaching level 14, the 8-day login event will be displayed. Lord, please pay attention.


Monthly Salary, receive gifts for 30 days!


Growth Fund, level up get a lot of gold!


Battle Pass packages

Don't forget to receive free gifts in the Battle Pass packages, My Lord


Wenji wishes My Lord a wonderful game experience day. If you have a problem, My Lord can contact Wenji via inbox on Fanpage.


Admin Wenji.