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Big Season - Season 2 "UNYIELDING WARRIOR"


At the start of the SS2 Big Season event (Season 2), the character will receive an invitation to participate.

Grand Season Rules

  1. Big/Grand Season Opening Requirements:
a. The SS2 Grand Season (Season 2) will begin when the server starts the SS3 Top Ranking Blossom Season (Season 3).
b. The time of the Big Season will go with the time of the TOP-Ranking Blossom Season.

  1. Big/Grand Season Missions:
a. Season missions are divided into Training and Challenge missions
b. Training Mission: Create a new one every week, and get a Rank EXP reward.

  1. Challenging Mission: Every Season creates new, get more Rank EXP rewards.

  1. Season missions are the most important ways for you to upgrade your season ranks and season battlepass.

  1. Grand Season Ranks:

  1. Get rank EXP from season missions to upgrade your Grand Season rank
  2. Upgrade the Grand Season rank to get season-exclusive rank rewards, including

Season General Pang De, Legendary Combat Soul Pang De,

Exclusive Avatar Frame SS2 Wise Heart, Bubble Frame SS2 Fine Taste

Note: If this Season you haven’t received the reward, the next Season you will not be able to receive it again. Please note the rewards.



  1. Grand Season Items/Shop:
a. Grand Season Limited Pack:

b. Coupon Pack Season 2:

c. Ingot Offer Pack Season 2:

  1. Grand season Battlepass Pack:

Each time the Big Season takes place, there will be a Battlepass taking place with many attractive gifts:

  • There are two Advance types: Normal Advance & Luxury Advance
  • Especially for Luxury Advance, when activated, you will receive Pang De Ornament - Playing Cards


General Introduction

  • Storyline: Pang De

Who was a subordinate of Ma Chao, he was extremely majestic and brave. After Cao Cao defeated Ma Chao, Pang De and Ma Chao joined Zhang Lu. Later, Ma Chao joined Liu Bei, and Pang De did not follow him anymore. After Cao Cao captured Han Zhong, he agreed to surrender to Cao Cao. In the battle of Fan Castle, Pang De used arrows to injure Guan Yu. When Fan Castle fell to Guan Yu, he refused to surrender and defined his loyalty to Wei. He was then executed even though Guan Yu is extremely respectful of him.c

  • Rank: SSR
  • Nation: Wei – Weapon: Studded Club




Pang De

Gain ATK and HP bonuses

Guan Ping

Pang De

Gain ATK and HP bonuses

Ma Chao

With the Tactics and Skills Combat Soul is inclined towards breaking armor and increasing self-resistance. Pang De is expected to bring a new armor-breaking meta for Dynasty Warriors: Overlords

Pang De Combat Soul Information:

  1. Legendary Combat Soul:

  1. Godly Combat Soul

Pang De Tactics

Recommended Mount for Pang De: