Nanjiang Collection

Nanjiang Collection


Timed Draw - Legendary Mount & Godly Combat Soul

Time: Oct 1- Oct 8

Character's Condition: Characters from Lv.20 and above can join this event


1. Consume 1 Draw or 4 Draw items to draw. But when you draw x5, each draw has a chance to grant rare items.

2. Additionally, each 5x Draw gives Exchange Points x10. Use Exchange Points to redeem rewards at the Treasure Trove Shop.

3. Tap to check all the rewards that can be drawn.

4. You can draw up to 800 times per day, and resets daily.

5. A network error may result in a failed item delivery. If you're online, the item will be resent immediately; if you are offline, it'll be resent via mail in 24 hours so please check it in time. 

Pool Prize

Type Item Name
Super Hex Mark
Shadow Runner
<Adv. Selectable> Godly Soul
Valuable <Adv. Selectable> Legendary Soul
Book of Dragon Bone*60
Book of Dragon Bone*120
Goose Chirp
Static Night
Ordinary Book of Dragon Bone*1
Book of Dragon Bone*2
Book of Dragon Bone*4
Book of Dragon Bone*8
Book of Dragon Bone*15
Mount Skill Material*2
Mount Reroll Material*2
Fine Rations*2


Treasure Trove Exchange

Item Need Item Name Exchange Limitation
Book of Dragon Bone*1200 <Adv. Selectable> Godly Soul 2
Book of Dragon Bone*800 Random Godly Combat Soul 2
Book of Dragon Bone*600 <Adv. Selectable> Legendary Soul 3
Book of Dragon Bone*400 Random Legendary Combat Soul 3
Book of Dragon Bone*800 Hex Mark 2
Book of Dragon Bone*800 Shadow Runner 2
Book of Dragon Bone*300 Glory 3
Book of Dragon Bone*300 Sakura 3
Book of Dragon Bone*300 Goose Chirp 3
Book of Dragon Bone*300 Static Night 3
Book of Dragon Bone*300 Divinity 3
Book of Dragon Bone*100 Selectable Uncommon Mount 5
Book of Dragon Bone*40 Godly Signet 10
Book of Dragon Bone*16 Legendary Signet 10
Book of Dragon Bone*6 Fine Rations 100
Book of Dragon Bone*30 Lv.2 Toner 30
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Nanjiang Collection